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Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast crafting personalized ornaments or a professional working on custom stained glass pieces, the right tool is crucial to maximize precision, durability, and comfort in your projects

I’ve handpicked the best glass cutters I’ve tested in 2023, and divided them into two categories – Best Cheap Glass Cutters and Premium Glass Cutters – so you can find the ideal glass cutter that fits your budget and suits your needs.

The B Bloomoak Heavy Duty Circular Glass Cutter is my top pick overall for its unique design for circular cuts, easy usage, and longevity with a cutting life of over 30,000 meters.

For budget-conscious buyers, the B Bloomoak Professional Oil Feed Glass Cutter a durable tool for quality work on stained glass projects, while the Glarks Glass Mosaic Nippers is the best pick for tile work on glass and ceramics.

09/29/2023 03:36 pm GMT

If you’re specifically interested in glass tube cutters, window glass cutters, diamond glass cutters, glass tile cutters, or stained glass cutters, we’ve got recommendations for those too.

I’ll share my hands-on experience with glass cutter tools across all the popular applications, so you can choose the one that’s right for your project without overspending.

Top Picks

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Best Cheap Glass Cutters

Aramox Glass Tube Cutter – Good Budget Glass Tube Cutter 

Aramox cutter


Easy to use.

Easily portable as a hand-held tool.

Precise cutting.

High user reviews.


It’s super small which will be a problem for some.

The Aramox Glass Tube Cutter is different from regular glass cutters in that it’s specifically designed to cut glass tubing. 

This glass tube cutter is super easy to use. You simply insert the tubing into the cutter and rotate the tube to score a precise mark. Then all you need to do is snap the tube along the score mark.

It has a max cutting thickness of 0.12 inch and a max cutting diameter of 1.57 inch for glass tubes. 

This tool is made of zinc alloy, so it’s strong and durable. It’s also a hand-held tool that’s easily portable whether you’re working at home or in a workshop. 

The cutter has positive user reviews on Amazon, with users praising its ability to cut glass rods, borosilicate glass, and steam boiler gauge glass.

Aitone Metal Handle Glass Cutter – Best Cheap Window Glass Cutter

Aitone glass cutter


Quality glass cutter for a cheap price.

Has an impressive anti-skid handle with an ergonomic design.

Replaceable cutting head that can rotate 360 degrees.


No major drawbacks.

This tool is a great option if you’re looking for a quality little glass cutter at a budget price. 

The Aitone Metal Handle Glass Cutter has a really impressive anti-skid metal handle with an ergonomic design. It’s a pleasure to cut with and it really helps you keep a strong grip as you use the tool. 

It has a Carbide alloy cutting wheel, which provides sharp cutting of glass, ceramic tiles and minerals.  

This glass cutter has a replaceable cutting head that can rotate 360 degrees for great flexibility. This is especially useful for cutting curves.  

You can easily lubricate the cutting tool using the integrated oil reservoir to save you manually lubricating it. 

ZoneYan Diamond Tipped Glass Cutter – Affordable Diamond Glass Cutter

ZoneYan Diamond cutter tool


Reinforced with diamond to cut thick glass.

Comes with three different cutting heads.

Used to cut mirrors, windows, stained glass, and a range of other objects.

Comfortable and easy to use.


No cons.

This glass cutter has a head that’s reinforced with diamond to help it cut thick glass and other materials.  

The ZoneYan diamond glass cutter actually comes with three different heads for cutting different glass thickness. You can cut 2mm to 6mm, 6mm to 12mm, and 12mm to 20mm.  

This makes it suitable for a wide range of both hobbyist and professional projects. It can be used to cut mirrors, windows, stained glass, and a range of other objects. 

This cutter is comfortable and easy to use, thanks to the ergonomic design. The heavy-duty handle is made of iron alloy frosted particles and it has a non-slip effect to help you keep your grip. 

Finally, this tool also has a lightweight and compact design so you can easily carry it with you.

IMT Glass Cutter – Affordable Yet Durable Glass Tile Cutter 

IMT glass cutter tool


Comfortable and durable.

Used to cut a wide range of materials.

Cutting life of over 20,000 meters.

Replaceable cutter heads.


Does the basics well, but would not be good for thicker materials.

The IMT Glass Cutter is an affordable pool that’s designed to provide optimal comfort, durability and performance. It can be used to cut a wide range of materials, including stained glass, mirrors and tiles. 

This is a heavy duty glass cutter that’s made up of an industrial grade frosted iron head and a tungsten carbide wheel. So it’s a very reliable  tool that has a cutting life of over 20,000 meters – up to 30 times the cutting life of other similarly priced cutters.  

Another impressive feature is the refined oil feed system, which automatically dispenses oil to keep the wheel lubricated each time you cut.  

The IMT Glass Cutter has a replaceable cutter head, and each package comes with two different heads. One is for cutting 2mm to 6mm glass, and the other is for 6mm to 12mm cutting, so this is a versatility and flexible tool that can be used for a wide range of applications. 

Finally, this glass cutter has a cross hatched barrel which provides strong grip, comfortable cutting, and plenty of control. It’s suitable for arthritic hands. 

Affordable Yet Durable Glass Tile Cutter
IMT Pencil Style Oil Feed Glass Cutter

The cutting wheel is made from tungsten carbide. Can be used to cut stained glass, tiles, mirror, mosaic, and more. The product comes with extra heads for 2-6mm and 6-12mm thickness.

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B Bloomoak Professional Oil Feed Glass Cutter – Best Glass Cutter for Stained Glass 

  • Price: Available on Amazon here
  • Size: 7.28 x 0.55 “
  • Weight: 0.24lbs
  • Cutting range: 2-19 mm
  • Cutting Life: 20,000 meters
Bloomoak oil feed glass cutter


Durable and quality cutting.

Cutting life of over 30,000 meters.

Comes with a tile cutting head with a range of 2mm to 19mm.

Good for cutting a wider variety of materials like glass, diamond, and minerals.


Some find it wobbly at times.

This tool is a pencil-style glass cutter that’s designed for comfort, durability and quality cutting. 

The Bloomoak Professional Oil Feed Glass Cutter boasts industrial grade durability thanks to the Tungsten Carbide wheel. It has a cutting life of over 30,000 meters, so it can be used for many different projects, both large and small. 

A big benefit of this cutter is that it has a glass cutting range of 2mm to 15mm, so it’s an incredibly versatile tool. It also provides very precise cuts at all depths, allowing you to create quality glasswork. This tool also comes with a tile cutting head with a range of 2mm to 19mm. 

The durability and wide cutting range makes this cutter suitable for working with a wide variety, including glass, diamond, and minerals. It’s ideal for both household and professional cutting work. 

This glass cutter also has a well-designed handle with anti-slip lines, helping you to keep steady as you work. 

Like some of the other cutters on this list, the Bloomoak has a refined oil feed system. Oil is automatically dispensed when pressure is applied, ensuring the wheel is kept lubricated. 

B Bloomoak Professional Oil Feed Glass Cutter

Carbide tungsten alloy glass cutter tool in pencil shape and design. Includes an oil feed system plus 2 cutting heads: range of 2-19 mm for glass and range of 2-18mm for tiles. Professional cutter for glass, mosaic, mirror, and tiles.

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Premium Glass Cutters

B Bloomoak Heavy Duty Circular Glass Cutter  

  • Price: Available on Amazon here
  • Size: 9.9 x 2.7 x 2.7 “
  • Weight: 0.5lbs
  • Cutting range: 3.175 – 12.7 mm
  • Cutting Life: 18.6 miles
Bloomoak circular


The head features a powerful suction cup, useful for intricate glass designs.

Easy to use.

Durable with a cutting life of over 30,000 meters.


Good for cutting circles but not for accurate cuts.

As the name suggests, this cutter is specifically designed for making circular cuts in glass. 

The head features a powerful suction cup that holds the center of the glass while the cutter scribes in a circular motion. So, it’s a really useful tool for making intricate glass designs.  

The B Bloomoak Heavy Duty Circular Glass Cutter has a compass style with a round knob handle that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, so it’s easy to use. It also has an automatic oil dispenser for smoother use and to protect the cutter from rusting. 

The circular glass cutter is made of durable Tungsten Carbide and has a cutting life of over 30,000 meters, so you’ll get plenty of use out of it. It’s also a versatile tool, with a cutting range of 3mm to 12mm. 

This is also a very precise glass hole cutter that cuts in an exact round circle, so you’re guaranteed quality when you use this tool. It’s suitable for both hobbyists and professional glass cutters.  

The bundle also comes with a pencil-style glass cutter which is an added bonus. 

B Bloomoak Heavy Duty Circular Glass Cutter

This adjustable diamond circular glass cutter has a round knob handle and suction cup. It has a length of 24 inches with extra 60cm blade.

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CRL Toyo Original Supercutter – Great Value for Money 

Toyo Super Cutter glass cutter


Durable and reliable.

Has two wheels, narrow and broad wheel.

Brass handle with a comfortable grip for easy cutting.


Comes with no instructions so can be difficult to set up.

This is an impressive glass cutter with a carbide wheel. The advantage of this is that carbide lasts longer than steel, so the cutter is very durable and reliable. Another benefit of the carbide wheel is that it doesn’t dull as fast as other metals, so it can go longer without sharpening.  

This glass cutter actually has two wheels. There’s the narrow wheel which is easily maneuverable and ideal for glass craftsmen, as well as the broad wheel, which is ideal for straight-cutting.  

One of the standout features of the Toyo Original, made by C. R. Lawrence, is that it’s one of the few pencil grip cutters that has an integrated cutting fluid reservoir to hold lubricant. The reservoir automatically dispenses oil, so the glass cutter is always kept lubricated.  

There’s also the brass handle, which is comfortable to grip and makes for easy cutting. As brass doesn’t corrode, the handle is also long lasting. 

This professional glass cutter can cut glass from 2mm to 10mm. At just six inches, this glass cutter is a good size for people of varying hand sizes and can easily fit in a pocket.  

It also has a 4.5 star rating on Amazon, so it’s clearly popular among users. 

Toyo Original Supercutter
$29.99 $27.99

Glass cutter with carbide cutting wheel and plastic handle that has an integrated oil reservoir. Suitable for glass with thickness from 1/8 to 1/2 inch.

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09/29/2023 06:36 pm GMT

CRL Toyo Custom-Grip Suppercutter – Comfortable Grip Glass Cutter 

Toyo Custom Grip Supercutter


Excellent grip.

Idwal for people with small fingers who struggle to apply pressure using pen cutters.

Comes with tap-wheel technology that vibrates the cutter, causing it to drive deeper into the glass.


No major drawbacks, great for the price.

Another C. R. Lawrence glass cutter, this is the perfect tool if you’re after a cutter that offers excellent grip. 

The handle is fitted between the thumb and forefinger position, which helps keep your fingers straight and provides better gip. The big benefit, however, is that it allows you to apply pressure via the handle, rather than simply using your fingers like you would with a pen-type glass cutter. 

Not only does this make the cutter very comfortable and easy to use, but it’s ideal if you have small fingers and struggle to apply pressure using pen cutters. 

It’s also helpful if you suffer from arthritis in your fingers, and it can help reduce fatigue during long cutting jobs. You can vary the saddle in four positions for increasing versatility. 

Aside from the saddle grip, the Toyo VGCE comes with tap-wheel technology that vibrates the cutter, causing it to drive deeper into the glass. This means you can cut deeper without having to apply loads of pressure. 

Like other CRL tools, this professional glass cutter has a self-oiling reservoir. It’s 5.4 inches long, weighs 0.32 ounces, and has a 140 degree hone angle. 

CRL Custom-Grip Supercutter Custom Grip with Pattern Head

It has a spring controlled oil flow system which allows the user to press down the tool to let the lubricant flow and stop pressing to stop the flow.

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09/29/2023 06:51 pm GMT

Kalawen Adjustable Glass Bottle Cutter – Best Glass Cutter for Bottle Cutting 

  • Price: Available on Amazon here
  • Size: 12.91 x 5.67 x 3.07 “
  • Weight: 2.14lbs
  • Cutting Life: Can cut more than 200,000 times
Kalawen glass bottle cutter


Comes as a kit, including non-slip gloves, sandpaper, a cleaning sponge, a spare blade, and a drill bit.

Great for cutting glass bottles.

Easily create a wide range of decorations, from vases and lampshades to candle holders.


Can be dangerous to use if not careful.

If you’re looking to specifically cut glass bottles, the Kalawen Adjustable Glass Bottle Cutter is a great tool. 

This cutter comes as part of a completely glass cutting kit, which includes a fixing baffle, non-slip gloves, sandpaper, a cleaning sponge, a spare blade, and a drill bit. The cutter kit is designed for cutting round bottles, particularly wine and beer bottles.  

This is a versatile glass cutter as the length of the cutting blade to the support plate can be adjusted from 12cm to 22cm. This means that you can easily cut any bottle that’s more than 3cm in diameter as long as it’s not embossed.  

There are also multiple adjustment holes to help you flexible and securely fix the bottle into positions. 

To use it, all you need to do is place the bottle on the support plate, apply pressure and rotate the glass bottle. After you’ve made the cut, slowly rinse it with hot and cold water alternately for three times and the bottle will separate.   

You can easily create a wide range of decorations with this glass bottle cutter, from vases and lampshades to candle holders. This is a great way to recycle your bottles while adding a creative touch to your home. 

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Glarks Glass Mosaic Nippers – Best Glass Tile Cutter Nippers  

  • Price: $40.41 — Available on Amazon here
  • Size: ‎10.43 x 4.92 x 1.69 “
  • Weight: 1.06lbs
  • Cutting range: 0.8 – 6.35 mm
Glarks mosaic nippers


Comes with the nippers, a tile cutter plier, two tweezers, two scrapers, a spatula, and a sponge.

Excellent control thanks to the soft rubber coated handle grips.

Can also be used to cut ceramic and other materials.


Not specifically designed for glass cutting.

These are slightly different from the other glass cutters on this list in that they’re nippers, which are specifically designed for working with tiles.  

They get their name from the dual-wheel style meaning they’re perfect for easily â€˜nipping’ the edge of tiles to ensure they fit perfectly.  

The Glarks Glass Mosaic Nippers come in a set which includes the nippers, a tile cutter plier, two tweezers, two scrapers, a spatula, and a sponge, which is great value for the money. 

The body of this glass cutter is made of carbon steel while the wheel is made of carbide, so it’s a strong and durable tool.  

As well as being strong, the glass tile cutter boasts soft rubber coated handle grips for excellent control. The ergonomic design also makes it comfortable to use, even for beginners. It’s also equipped with a resilient spring for increased smoothness and flexibility when cutting. 

This cutter is eight inches long and can cut glass from 1/32 inch to 1/4 in thickness. As well as glass, this tool can also be used to cut ceramic and other materials. 

Best Glass Tile Cutter Nippers
Glarks Glass Mosaic Nippers

This tool set includes: 1 x wheeled glass mosaic nipper, 1 x tile cutter pliers, 2 x scrapers, 2 x tweezers with different heads, 1 x double-ended hook for removing glue, 1 x spatula and 1 x sponge. The cutter's body is made of carbon steel and the cutting wheel is made of carbide for cutting glass, tile, ceramic and other materials.

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How to Use a Glass Cutter 

Using a glass cutter is fairly simple, and it doesn’t take long for beginners to get to grips with glass cutting after a little practice. 3mm or 4mm is a good glass thickness to start with, as it’s not too hard but also won’t snap too easily.

The first steps are to find a flat work surface and precisely measure out your cuts. If you don’t have a self-lubricating cutter, you need to lubricate your glass cutter by dipping the cutting end, known as the wheel, in a small bit of oil.

Glass cutting

You hold most glass cutters the same way you hold a pencil, so simply grip the cutter and place the cutting wheel down on the glass. Applying pressure, pull the cutter down the measurement in one motion. 

Next, you need to break the glass. You do this by turning it over and tapping the ball on the other end of the cutter along the cut line. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to break the glass and sand it down with sandpaper to smooth out the edges.

Things to Consider When Buying a Glass Cutter

Glass cutters may be small, simple and relatively cheap tools, but there’s a huge variety available to buy online.

So, how do you work through the hundreds of different options to find the best glass cutter for you?

Cutting depth, lubrication system, wheel material, and type of cutting head are all important to make sure you’re getting the right cutter for your project.

Grip is also hugely important when it comes to glass cutting tools. You may be looking for a pen-style cutter that offers optimum flexibility, or you may need a saddle cutter for extra support if you have arthritis. 

Of course, you’ll also want to get value for money from your purchase. Are you looking for a cheap $5 glass cutter that you’re just going to use for one small job, or do you need a more expensive and durable tool?

Either way, you need to weigh up the glass cutter’s qualities against the price to ensure you’re getting a good deal and the best glass cutter for your budget.

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