The Ortur Laser Master laser engravers, including the newly-released Ortur Laser Master 3, are some of the most popular engravers on the market. While the base machines are certainly impressive, you can achieve even higher performance with Ortur Laser Master upgrades.

If you want to take your Ortur Laser Master to the next level, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we take a look at the top Ortur Laser Master 2 upgrades to achieve more powerful, precise, and flexible engraving. 

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Ortur YRR 2.0 Rotary Roller 

Ortur Laster Master rotary axis upgrade


Widens the scope of projects you can work on.

Well-made and flexible.

Adjustable height by up to 40mm.


Your laser engraver will need to be adjusted with some sort of support underneath.

One of the most popular Ortur Laser Master 2 upgrades people make is adding the Ortur Rotary Roller.

This essentially performs the function of a rotational Y axis and therefore allows you to engrave cylindrical objects like glasses, mugs, and vases, so it greatly widens the scope of projects you can work on. 

It’s a well-made, flexible piece of kit that has seven different gear positions you can use to adjust the width for engraving cylindrical objects of different diameters. The height is also adjustable by up to 40mm. 

Ortur LM3 YRR Roller 2.0 accessory
Our YRR roller 2.0 took 35 minutes to assemble for use on our Ortur LM3.

Bear in mind that you’ll need to adjust the height of your laser engraver by placing some form of support underneath.

To use the rotary roller, all you need to do is unplug the Y motor cable and reconnect it to the rotary Y axis via an extension cable. You need to use the LaserGRBL software to control the roller once it’s set up. 

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Z Height Adjuster

Z Height adjuster Ortur laser master 2 upgrade


Robust and durable.

Z height adjuster is large for easy access and can travel 8mm in a single turn.

Easily adjust the tightness of the knob.


Instructions can be a bit unclear.

Another useful upgrade component you can purchase directly from the Ortur site is the Z Height Adjuster. 

This makes it much easier to adjust the laser height on the Z axis and also to focus your laser module. It’s a one-piece structure made of all-aluminum alloy, so it’s super robust and durable.

The knob on the top of the Z height adjuster is large for easy access and can travel 8mm in a single turn for optimum flexibility.

You can also easily adjust the tightness of the knob by using an Allen wrench to tighten the screw on the inside back of the part.

Ortur Offline Controller

  • Price: $79.99
  • For: Laser Master 2 Pro
Ortur offline controller


Touchscreen with Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity.

Intuitive and easy to use.

Four different interfaces to support every aspect of the engraving process.


No major drawbacks.

Many hobbyists prefer offline controllers, but this isn’t something that comes as standard with many affordable laser engravers, including the Laser Master models.

However, you can buy an offline controller separately to upgrade your Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro, and this is another component that can greatly improve your experience. 

The main benefit is that you can control your engraver without needing a computer, so you remove the risk of ruining your work if your PC were to crash.

The Ortur offline controller is super intuitive and easy to use, with a touchscreen and both WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity.

You can use it to control every aspect of the engraving process, including axis movement. It has four different interfaces to support this; a file interface, a movement interface, a function interface, and a default interface.

This Ortur Laser Master 2 upgrade has a variety of ports for easy connectivity, including USB and RJ10 Data interfaces and a MicroSD card port for inputting the memory card that contains your g code.

The controller turns on automatically after the RJ10 port is connected.

I also like that it comes with a bracket that takes just two minutes to install onto your laser engraver that you can securely place the controller in when you’re not using it. 

Ortur Metal Enclosure 

Ortur laser master 2 upgrade enclosure


For safe laser engraving.

Stable, rigid, and durable.

Comes with some nice features to improve usability.



Made specifically for the Laser Master 2 Pro, this metal enclosure makes for significantly safer laser engraving.

It’s really well made with an all-metal structure, so the stability, rigidity, and durability are all fantastic. The exhaust fan helps reduce noise while also improving airflow to prevent your engraver from overheating.

The exhaust pipe for extracting fumes is made of nylon cloth with steel wiring, so it’s reliable and durable.

There are some nice features to improve usability, such as a pneumatic strut that supports the upper cover when it’s opened halfway, as well as side handles for easy transportation. 

Finally, the enclosure features an orange acrylic viewing panel that allows you to easily view and monitor your work while protecting your eyes from laser exposure. 

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Ortur LU2-2, LU2-4-SF, LU2-4-LF Laser Modules 

Ortur Laster Master modules


Three choices for different laser modules.

For precise and intricate engravings.

Great for cutting a wider range and variety of materials.


No major drawbacks.

When you order an Ortur Laser Master engraver, you get the choice of three different laser modules: the LU2-2, the LU2-4-SF, and the LU2-4-LF.

Each performs different functions, but the good news is that if you’re struggling to choose one, you can purchase all three separately from the Ortur site to further upgrade your machine.

The LU2-2 is the cheapest at $149.99. This has the smallest focal spot of the three at 0.07×0.06mm with an optical power of 1,000-1,600mW, making it ideal for very precise, intricate engravings.

The other two modules both cost $169.99.

The LU2-4-SF has a wider focal spot of 0.12×0.15mm and a considerably higher optical power of 4,500-5,500mW, which makes this module a very good choice for engraving hard materials like aluminum and non-ferrous metals. 

Finally, the LU2-4-LF has the widest focal spot at 0.x17x0.25mm while having the same optical power as the LU2-4-SF. The longer depth of field of this Ortur Laser Master 2 upgrade makes this the best choice for achieving wider engravings and cutting materials. 

So, it’s nice to have the ability to switch between different modules for achieving optimum results across different projects with your Ortur Laser Master 2 laser engraver cutter kit.

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King Gubby Ortur Laser Master Pro 2 Upgrade Kit

King Gubby Ortur Laster Master 2 upgrade kit


An extensive kit.


The air assist allows for deeper and cleaner cuts.


Not manufactured by Ortur.

The Ortur Laser Master 2 upgrades we’ve covered so far have all been manufactured by Ortur itself.

However, the King Gubby Ortur upgrade kit is made by a different brand, King Gubby, which specializes in making upgrade kits for popular engravers from brands like Ortur, Atomstack, Neje, FoxAlien, and more. 

This is a really extensive kit that includes the following:

  • Z axis adjuster
  • Belt tensioners
  • Air assist
  • Stackable brick feet
  • Nozzle pack
  • Bit drive and knob pack
  • Universal focus spacer

Let’s start with the air assist – this allows you to achieve deeper, cleaner cuts, as the air assist removes debris as your machine engraves. It’s compact and slim and can be easily attached to your Laser Master 2 Pro via the threaded holes on the bottom of the machine.

The Z axis adjuster makes it simple to adjust the laser module height by up to 40mm, while the Y axis belt tensioners allow you to tighten the belt using the threaded knob.

This helps you achieve your perfect belt tension for smoother movement and therefore better precision and performance.

You get six different size air assist nozzles in this Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro upgrade kit, ranging from 22mm to 34mm in length, for adjusting the degree of debris removal. The focus spacer is an additional nice add-on that makes it quick and easy to find your ideal focal distance.

Another part of the kit is the stackable brick feet, which are acrylic supports that you can use to adjust the height of the entire laser engraver for working with larger workpieces.

This video shows you how to set them up.

While some people may be reluctant to use upgrades not provided by your engraver’s manufacturer, King Gubby, which is based in California, has made over 3,000 sales on Etsy and has a 5 star rating on the platform.

Plus, at just $103.99, these Ortur Laser Master upgrades are really affordable. 

Endurance Laser

  • Price: from $345
  • For: Original Laser Master, 2, and 2 Pro depending on chosen laser module
Endurance laser Ortur Laster Master upgrade


Variety of different laser modules to buy.

Increased power, good for cutting aluminum, copper, brass, and stainless steel.

Made with internal and external heatsinks, fans, and air nozzles to prevent overworking and help achieve the best performance.


Not recommended for beginners.

Endurance Lasers is a company that manufactures a variety of powerful laser modules that can be attached to popular engravers like the Laser Master models.

The brand has written an article specifically focusing on adding Endurance lasers to the Ortur Laser Master engravers.

Endurance offers a variety of different laser modules which differ a lot in terms of size and power. The following are available from the company’s website:

  • 5/5.5/6W – $345
  • 10W Basic – $395
  • 10W DeLux – $495
  • 10W Plus – $745
  • 10W Plus Pro – $895
  • 20W – $995
  • 30W – $1,295
  • 445nm 15W – $1,495
  • 10W DPSS infrared – $2,450

Now, which one you go for will depend on your needs, budget, and the Ortur Laser Master model you have. The site doesn’t specify what machines each module is compatible with, although it says “for the most part, you can choose freely”. 

It does state that heavier Endurance Lasers like the 10W Plus are suitable for the Laser Master 2 and 2 Pro, but not the original Laser Master model.

Most information available online, such as this video, focuses on adding the 10W Plus model to the Laser Master 2, so let’s take a look at what this module offers.

The laser has a 445nm wavelength and offers considerably more power than the standard modules you get in most hobbyist machines.

According to Endurance, it’s capable of cutting acrylic up to 8mm with 2-3 passes and wood up to 3mm with 1-3 passes. 

Not only is it better for cutting, but the increased power means it’s also better at engraving metals like aluminum, copper, brass, and stainless steel.

You can cut stainless steel from 25-100mm/min, aluminum from 150-400mm/min, and softer materials like acrylic and wood from 400-750mm, so you can achieve really fast cutting rates.

All the Endurance laser modules are well made, with internal and external heatsinks, fans, and air nozzles to prevent overworking and help achieve the best performance.

Each also comes with a control board complete with a thermometer for monitoring and controlling every aspect of your work.

If you have a Laser Master 2 or 2 Pro, you’re probably best off with one of the 10W modules or the 20W – the ones over $1,000 are likely best suited to a higher quality engraver. 

Endurance Lasers is based in Naples, Florida, and has 16 reviews on Google, all of which rate the company as 5 stars, so it seems to be a reputable brand.

Bear in mind that adding an Endurance Laser to your Ortur Laser Master is not a particularly simple process and requires a fair bit of work, so it’s not recommended for beginners.

There is a highly detailed article on Instructables detailing the 14 steps taken by one enthusiast to upgrade to their Laser Master 2 with a 10W Endurance laser, so this is certainly worth a read if you’re considering adding one.

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