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We’re committed to being the most informative CNC site on the web. Our mission is to add the most value possible to every article we publish, and help you get the most out of your CNC router, laser engraver, and similar machines.

If you’re a serious hobbyist with a penchant for writing and you’d like to join the team, feel free to get in touch via our write for us page.

CNCSourced Contributors

Leo Watts

I’m a freelance technical writer for CNCSourced, having been an engineer for a number of years. I have an MS in Control Engineering, and have designed and built several automation systems for PLCs, and I’ve also been a math teacher (which I loved!).

I built my own CNC machine from scratch a few years back, welding metals to make a rigid CNC body, and making CNC control systems for powerful motors. I gained unique experiences both building and working with that DIY CNC machine, and I’ve figured out ways to cut tougher materials (like granite and stone) for cheap with a unique trick (check the site for my guide!), as well as a number of other important things, such as the best ways to calculate feeds and speeds.

You can visit my not-so-active LinkedIn page here.

You can view my full author profile and all my articles here.

Meg Reichenbach

Meg’s a freelance writer and CNC hobbyist who enjoys tinkering with laser engravers as well as 3D printers in creative pursuits. 

Her interests lie less in DIY and focus more on applications that highlight useability and intuitive interactions, so you’ll find her fawning over her beloved Glowforge and putting “beginner-friendly” platforms to the test.

You can view my full author profile and all my articles here.

Scott Hamill

I’m Scott, a professional writer currently living in Edinburgh. As a kid, my dad taught me a lot about woodworking and cutting plastics.

As I grew, so did my interest in what I’d later learn was called ‘subtractive manufacturing,’ which I’m lucky enough to write about extensively along with 3D printing, particularly about some of the coolest and most useful projects you can make with your CNC router or laser cutter.

You can view my full author profile and all my articles here.

CNCSourced: Our Values – TIPE

We work to create based on our four overriding values – T.I.P.E.


We take care to present information without bias, and we turn down business if we feel we could not genuinely recommend the product. Therefore, if we ever promote or recommend a product, it is because we truly believe in the company, the product, and the technology. What is the value of work without integrity?

We do include affiliate links for some machines we recommend, and are an Amazon Associate among other programs, but only recommend products we feel are of high quality.


We aim to showcase some of the most exciting, inspirational and extraordinary developments in CNC and manufacturing, aiming to further people’s interest in this technology. We want to inspire curiosity in how things are made, and make CNC more accessible than ever before through easily understandable information.

Provide Value

We focus only on publishing the highest quality content possible — that is what our brand is built on. We always try to go above and beyond with our research, and never cut corners in our content writing process. We would be doing a disservice to ourselves, as well as our readers, if we ever published anything that wasn’t our absolute best.


At CNCSourced, our purpose is to educate people on the current state and future of CNC technologies. We take care to provide bias-free and accurate information to provide the maximum education to our readers. If you leave our website without any additional insights, we have failed in our mission.

Bringing CNC Info To The Masses

We aim to become the premier resource for all aspects of CNC information, across varying machines, technologies, types and materials.

We believe the technology will continue to become more and more accessible to everyday hobbyists as well as small manufacturing businesses and pro-sumers, and champion the democratization of CNC and related methods of manufacturing.