We are always open to adding to our team at CNCSourced. If you feel you’re a great fit then please get in touch.

You can contact us about Careers at: [email protected].

Include the email subject line “Careers: CNCSourced” and then the role you are interested in, along with your CV and cover letter.

Current openings:

Editors – CNC & Laser Cutter Content

We’re looking for a part-time expert in the technical side of laser cutting, CNC manufacturing, and related fields to oversee our writing team.


  • Fact-checking of existing content and adding higher-level insights and personal experience and imagery, as well as improving the clarity of technical content so that it is easy to understand for less technical readers.
  • Feedback for our writing team on how they can improve their content for future.
  • Recommendations to our formatting and graphics team for which infographics or certain images we can add to improve content.

A good candidate has most of the following:

  • Extensive experience working either full-time in CNC manufacturing for a company, or tinkering with your own CNCs or building your own DIY CNC machine and other advanced hobby projects.
  • Notability in CNC manufacturing; either from a role in a company, or from creating content on the topic. An ideal editor has published CNC-related content on other publisher websites, has created video content, and is known on social media/Linkedin for CNC machine-related content.
  • Excellent knowledge not of just writing and language, but of how to turn complex topics into simpler explanations. And how to structure this content to maximize helpfulness.