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What is CNCSourced?

At CNCSourced, our only goal is to be the best and most accurate publisher of everything CNC online.

Our enormous passion for CNC machines – and more generally, making things! – has led us to writing hundreds of guides, reviews, and industry round-ups on our website and weekly newsletter over the last few years.

We are proud to publish some of the most in-depth reviews of CNC routers and laser cutters around, and for being a completely unbiased source of information on everything CNC.

Why trust us

We’re a bunch of makers and tinkerers, just like you! We’re only interested in writing cool stuff that is both informative, and puts a smile on your face! We’re huge nerds about everything CNC, laser cutting, CAD CAM, and product design and manufacturing.

We don’t accept payment for anything, we only write about what we want to write, and we only publish unbiased reviews and have never been paid to write anything about a product. Our integrity at CNCSourced is our only interest. Anything we’ve written on CNCSourced, we 100% stand by.

Our Team

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Writer and Editor

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Head Projects Writer

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