21 Great CNC Furniture Ideas You Can Make At Home

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Every DIY enthusiast knows building your own furniture makes for the most rewarding homemade adventures. More and more people are making their own CNC furniture to achieve the satisfying goal of filling their homes with beautiful homemade furnishings.

CNC plywood furniture designs can be hard to come up with, especially as ‘furniture’ is a vague term. Here, we will look at some of the coolest CNC furniture plans for sale online right now, as well as the ones you can make at home on your cheap CNC machine or DIY CNC router.

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CNC Chairs – Take a CN-Seat

When it comes to furniture, chairs are often the first thing to come to mind. Chairs come in a variety of forms, and naturally there are CNC designs for a lot of them.

We use chairs every day, both at home and at work, and it’s important that they’re both sturdy and comfortable. CNC plywood chairs are simple to make and are a very good use for any spare material you may have lying around.

The One-Day Chair

The result of a time-killing experiment, the one-day chair is as simple as it gets when it comes to CNC furniture.

While this CNC design is as basic as it gets, the designers themselves recommend tweaking yours to ensure a stable and balanced finished project.

CNC Furniture Wood Chair

The one-day chair has been altered over time, but remains a rudimentary CNC plan for anyone to create as-is or use as a base for more creative furniture plans.

The Layer Chair — Great CNC Chair You Can Make

Another simple CNC design, the layer chair is closer to a stool than a standard chair.

Nevertheless, this simple but appealing piece of CNC furniture includes clear-cut instructions and is open to alterations in size and structure to suit your needs.

The layer chair makes for a great patio decoration or a nice chair for a breakfast bar.

CNC Furniture Layer Chair

CNC Rocking Chairs — Beautiful CNC furniture

Rocking chairs are one of the more challenging CNC furniture projects, but don’t let that discourage you. These endlessly popular works are comfortable, cozy, and immensely satisfying to complete.

Rocking chairs come in all shapes and sizes, from the original design we all know, to clever shapes that make for very eye-catching pieces.

Some of our favorites include a rocking horse for children, a rocking deckchair for those who prefer to recline, and even a rocking chair with an attached cradle for parents of newborns.

CNC Furniture Rocking Chair

Sofa Armrests – No More Spills

Not all CNC furniture plans are all large models and full sets, some are practical additions to existing furniture.

CNC armrests are mini-tables that are made to slot easily on the end of the sofa to act as safe and sturdy holders for drinks, books, tablets, and more.

CNC Furniture Wood Armrest

CNC sofa armrests are a must for anyone who likes to relax on the sofa without having to reach for the coffee table every time they need to take sip of their drink or change the channel.

The CNC designs for these arm rests come in many creative forms. From armrests with cup holders and slots for tablets, to included bookshelves and other miscellaneous storage.

Hard wood can be used to make these armrests in fixed shapes to fit over the sofa, or they can be made as flexible trays that fold over any surface to make a mini-table. With these CNC designs, you can be rid of the catastrophes of accidental spillage.

CNC Furniture Wood Armrest 2

CNC Tables – Simple but beautiful once finished

Making CNC furniture is a great opportunity to stretch your creative wings, but CNC tables are where you can really exercise your imagination.

From coffee to dining, tables come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. With just a little bit of wood, you can make a nice little sofa-side surface, or, with some good materials and some elbow grease, you can create a dining room masterpiece.

Our personal favorite is this CNC designed Zen garden end table.

There’s also this wall mounted desk that can be a very handy way to make your workspace a little roomier.

There are also many plans for children’s tea party tables and work desks for youngsters to do their homework or read their favorite books.

Whether creating something as simple as a CNC plywood stand, or going for a work of art, coffee table CNC plans can be found all over the internet and can be tweaked and modified for any room and any taste!

CNC Dining Sets – Cooking Up New Designs

There’s something to be said for making your own CNC furniture collections. With careful planning, entire matching sets make any room look great.

Dining tables in particular can be made in a variety of styles, but for those who really want to show off, there are also plans available for tables with fold-out butterfly leaves to accommodate more guests.

CNC Furniture Wood Dining Set

CNC Furniture For Pets

Not all furniture is reserved for humans, and many people have turned to making CNC plywood designs to accommodate their furred and feathered friends.

CNC Bird Cage

Whether decorative or lived in, bird cages are a common sight in many a rustic home.

Standard bird cage designs are available as CNC plans, but there are also more extravagant designs out there that make for some truly artistic masterpieces.

CNC Furniture Birdcage

CNC Pet Beds

Who doesn’t like to relax knowing that their fuzzy little companions are sleeping soundly? The only way to add to that satisfaction is to know that they’re resting well in a bed you made yourself.

CNC furniture for pets include simple beds for dogs or cats of any size, and they can be engraved with your pet’s name or, if you’re feeling a little more creative, a likeness of its intended occupant.

Taking it a step further, CNC plans for small houses for your pets are also very cool to make and even cooler to look at.

Of course, there’s nothing to be done if they prefer the floor over your efforts, but at least a pet bed always looks cozy.

CNC Funiture pet bed

CNC Beds – Resting Easy

All CNC furniture needs to be stable, but none more so than beds. While safety is always an important factor, beds need to be secure so they don’t move or make noise to ensure a restful night’s sleep.

Bunk or murphy, twin or king, we all have a bed that calls our names when the time comes. Bed frames make up a large part of our bedroom décor, and are always the most welcoming part of our evenings.

CNC Furniture For Babies & Kids: Cribs and Cradles

CNC cribs are a must if you’re a new parent, or want to surprise one with a thoughtful homemade gift.

Like the rocking chair cradle above, these designs come in a variety of creative styles. There are cradles with built-in mobiles, and some with cute patterns to make them more special.

CNC Furniture Wood Cradle

Toddler Bunk Bed

CNC plywood furniture can be more than just stools and shelves. It takes only five panels to make a safe and cozy toddler bed with a play or storage area underneath.

The idea behind this elevated CNC design was to allow for storage as well as make diaper changing easy. The bed is big enough for a toddler who’s outgrown their crib, but can also accommodate kids a while into elementary school.

CNC Furniture Toodler Bed

Twin Bed — A very ambitious, yet rewarding CNC furniture project

This easy design with room for engraving is a great choice as a gift for any child who’s in need of a new bed frame.

Twin beds are quite basic and less cumbersome than most due to their smaller size, making them ideal as a starting point if you’re new to making CNC furniture but don’t want any new chairs or tables.

Depending on your skill and confidence, bed frames can be as simple as any CNC router project, or you can take some engineering prowess and make yourself a foldout bed, a bunk with a desk underneath, or a bed with a handy drawer in the frame to store spare linens or clothes.

CNC Furniture Twin Bed

CNC Furniture Storage – Drawers for your Drawers

Organized storage space is important for anyone who likes to keep their home neat and tidy. Whether it’s a toy box or a chest of drawers, it’s always nice to know that everything has a place.

CNC Bedroom Drawers

This CNC design for bedroom drawers is a great looking addition to any bedroom. The instructions are laid out clearly, and there’s always room to expand and experiment with different materials and sizes.

CNC Furniture Project Wooden Bedroom Drawers

Workstation Cart

If you’re reading this, you’re likely a CNC fan, and therefore have a workspace in which you create your marvels. For this purpose, the CNC workstation cart was created.

Effectively drawers on wheels with an added desk space on top, this cart is a great piece of CNC furniture to keep your workstation neat. The drawers are sturdy and well made, and can house all the tools, screws, and other bits and pieces that might otherwise clutter up your workspace or simply get lost.

CNC Furniture Rolling Desk Workstation Cart

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