Having the right files for laser projects will make all the difference to your end results – and it’s totally possible to get excellent free laser cut files if you know where to look.

But even the best sites aren’t all created equal.

Over the past few years I’ve trawled through the many websites promising the “very best free laser cut files”, only to find that many will actually…

  • Leave you pulling your hair out sifting through trash, unreviewed files
  • Try and trick you into downloading malware!

Fortunately, there are a handful of reputable, helpful, and community-driven platforms out there that are dedicated to providing amazing laser templates!

Overall I’d recommend Laser Ready Templates as the best website for downloading free laser cut designs. It’s easy to browse through the huge range of templates, with reviews for each file to help you make your choices.

That said, if they don’t have what you’re looking for, it’s well worth checking the other picks on this list. Most file producers are pretty site-loyal, so you’ll find plenty of unique listings if you’re willing to consider multiple platforms.

The key factors to consider are the range of file formats available, the range of templates and projects available to download, and the ease of use of the website. We used these criteria to pick the best sites for laser files.

Top Picks

Best Free Laser Cut Files – Full Round-Up

The Best Sites To Find Free Laser Cut Files

Laser Ready Templates – Excellent for Free and Paid Laser Cut Files

  • Range of Projects: 3D models, animal and nature files, event celebration files, stencils and patterns, signs, trophies, toys, storage boxes, and more
  • Amount of files available: 50 files a week
  • File formats: SVG, AI, EPS, and CDR
  • Where to find: Laser Ready Templates
Laser Ready Templates free laser cutter files

Laser Ready Templates is easily one of the best websites out there for downloading free laser cut designs. 

This site actually contains a mix of paid and free CNC files, but there are always loads reduced to zero cost, so there are plenty of options on offer. The free template section changes from week to week, meaning there are always some exciting new templates up for grabs.

Unlike many other similar sites, Laser Ready Templates more resembles an online shop, and there are various tabs so you can easily see free files, on sale files, and new arrivals with a single click.

In terms of the files on offer, there’s plenty of choice. You can pick from 3D models, animal and nature files, event celebration files, stencils and patterns, signs, trophies, toys, storage boxes, and more, so chances are you’ll find something that suits you.

What we like most about Laser Ready Templates is that it offers something different from most other laser cut templates sites. For example, it runs a monthly competition where you get the chance to win $100 worth of credits to spend on the site.

All you need to do is send in a picture of a project you created with one of the site’s designs and then whoever’s project gets the most likes on the Laser Ready Templates social media profiles is the winner!

Another nice aspect of this site is that you can read user reviews of different files to get an idea of how well they turn out when put into practice.

Best Curated Files From Laser Ready Templates

DXF Downloads – Earn Points for Uploading Your Designs

  • Range of Projects: wide range of different designs and projects, such as animal and plant models, toys, vases, decorations, and even furniture and doors
  • Amount of files available: Over 1,000
  • File formats: DXF, CDR, EPS, and AI zipped to 2D vectors, and STL files zipped to 3D models
  • Where to find: DXF Downloads
DXF Downloads

DXF Downloads is a free laser cut files site with a twist. This is because it works on a point-based system, where you gain points by uploading your own designs and can then spend your points on downloading other users’ files. 

The point system doesn’t apply to all files on the site – there are over 1,000 that you can download straight away for free and without creating an account. There are some great free download laser engraver files in this category, including a fishing tackle box, a dollhouse, and a tiger wall decoration, to name just a few.

However, there’s a range of more complex files that you can download with points. You earn 100 points for registering, 20 points every day you visit the site, and then the amount of points you get for your designs depends on how complex they are and are decided by the site’s moderators.

There are files for a wide range of different designs and projects, such as animal and plant models, toys, vases, decorations, and even furniture and doors.

If you’re not into designing your own laser cut files, you can still join in by purchasing points. It’s half a cent per point, so it’s really affordable.

The file types on DXF Downloads are DXF, CDR, EPS and AI zipped to 2D vectors, and STL files zipped to 3D models.

Best Curated Files From DXF Downloads

Ponoko – Great Range of Free Laser Cut SVG Files

  • Range of Projects: Fantastic range with decorative and ornamental files for projects like coasters, Christmas decorations, and vases
  • Amount of files available: 250 or more
  • File formats: SVG, EPS, and PDF
  • Where to find: Ponoko.com
Ponoko free laser cutter files

Ponoko.com contains a vast library of laser engrave files covering all types of different designs and laser projects. The best part? Every file is completely free to use! All you need to do to access them is create an account. 

All the free laser cutter files on this site are uploaded by other hobbyists, so there’s a real community feel to it. 

There’s also a fantastic range of different files to choose from. There are decorative and ornamental files for projects like coasters, Christmas decorations, and vases.

Then there are a variety of files for more practical uses, such as a tablet stand, a music player case and even an iPhone document scanner.

You can search the hundreds of files on Ponoko by name, and there are also various sorting options. You can sort by popularity, by name (so that the files appear in alphabetical order), and by file type, so that EPS files appear at the top, followed by PDF files, and free laser cut SVG files. 

3axis.co – Over 10,000 Free Laser Cut Files

  • Range of Projects: Dollhouse, a candle holder, a notebook cover, animal art or anything else
  • Amount of files available: Over 10,000
  • File formats: CDR, DXF, DWG, and AI files.
  • Where to find: axis.co
3axis.co free laser cutter files

Like Ponoko, 3axis.co provides a wide range of completely free laser cut files, and you don’t even need to create an account to download them.

What separates 3axis.co from many other free laser engraver files sites, though, is the vast amount of files on offer – more than 10,000!

You don’t need to endlessly scroll through page after page to find a file that suits you, though. This is because all the files are sorted into different categories, of which there are more than 500!

The categories are super specific, so whether you’re looking for a file for a dollhouse, a candle holder, a notebook cover, animal art or anything else, chances are you’ll find it on this free laser cutter files site.

We also like that the site is regularly updated with files that reflect current trends, such as laser cut Squid Game figurines and files designed to celebrate events like Christmas and New Year for the present year.

The majority of the free laser engraving files on 3axis.co come in CDR format, although a wide variety of different formats are also available on the site, including DXF files for laser cutting, as well as DWG and AI files.

Best Curated Files From 3axis.co

Craftmanspace – Very Detailed Patterns for Laser Cutting

  • Range of Projects: Making furniture, animal housing, and scale models
  • Amount of files available: Over 500
  • File formats: DWG, SVG, and EPS
  • Where to find: Craftmanspace

We like Craftmanspace as it’s more unique than a lot of other free laser cut file websites out there.

There’s a hint in the name – Craftmanspace states that it’s aimed at craftsmen, graphic designers and architects, rather than just the standard hobbyist or novice.

At this site, it’s all about intricate patterns. The collection is really impressive and is split into different categories, spanning Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greek and Roman, medieval, calligraphic, art nouveau, classical, oriental, Islamic and more.

When you check the files out, it’s clear that they’re a lot more detailed and complex than the more basic files found on many other sites. There’s also a selection of vectorized illustration files to choose from.

While these laser cut designs are some of the most beautiful we’ve come across, they’re all completely free!

Craftmanspace doesn’t just offer free laser cut files, though. It also offers several free technical ebooks covering topics including art and crafts, woodworking and metalworking, which are great for expanding your knowledge in these areas. 

As well as laser cut templates, Craftmanspace also offers files for a variety of offer CNC projects, such as for making furniture, animal housing, and scale models.

Best Curated Files From Craftsmanspace 

DXF for CNC – Buy & Sell Laser Cut Designs

  • Range of Projects: Animals, automobiles, home decoration, landscapes, sports, seasonal events, and more
  • Amount of files available: Over 600
  • File formats: DXF
  • Where to find: DXF for CNC
DXF for CNC free laser cutter files

DXF for CNC is one of the sites that offer more high-quality and expensive DXF laser cut templates as well as free ones. 

There’s still a wide selection of free DXF files for laser cutting, though – over 600 in fact. These are mostly nice but relatively basic files for decorations, item personalization, and arts and crafts. 

There’s plenty of variety on offer in the paid files section, including relatively basic files for things like typography fonts or country outlines that you can buy for just a few dollars.

On the other hand, there are more complex and unique files that cost a fair bit more but aren’t available for free anywhere else. One of our favorites is a laser cut file for football helmets with each team’s NFL logo, which costs $35.99, and another cool design is a set of abstract prints for doors, screens and fences that’ll set you back $59.99.

The categories on this free laser engraver files website span animals, automobiles, home decoration, landscapes, sports, seasonal events and more, so there’s plenty to explore. 

You’ll find that are regularly many laser engraver designs on sale at DXF for CNC, so you can often grab files at a reduced price.

There are also various bundle packages available, including the ability to purchase all of the site’s files for $749.99. While this may sound like a lot, it’d actually save you a lot compared to if you bought them individually, and is definitely worth considering if you run a laser cutting business.

DXF for CNC is also different from most of the other sites on our list as it allows you to sell your own laser engraver templates, which is a nice bonus.

Best Curated Files From DXF for CNC

Trotect – Free Laser Cut Files with Detailed Instructions

  • Range of Projects: Puzzle, gift tags, neon signs, necklace charms, magnets, a laptop bag, a rocking chair, and even protective COVID masks
  • Amount of files available: Over 150
  • File formats: CDR and PDF
  • Where to find: Trotect
Trotec laser engraver files

Trotect is a popular manufacturer of laser cutters and offers a range of several hundred free sample files on its website.

There’s some really interesting project files up for grabs here, such as a puzzle, gift tags, neon signs, necklace charms, magnets, a laptop bag, a rocking chair and even protective COVID masks. 

What we really like about Trotect, though, is just how much detail it goes into when explaining the process for cutting each type of free laser cut file it offers.

Trotect showcases pictures of the projects created with each file and explains the machine used, the material type and size, and then provides detailed step-by-step instructions on the cutting process, including how to import or create the file, the cutting process and then assembling the end product. 

So if you’re a beginner looking for an easy introduction to laser cutting, the Trotect free laser cut designs are a really great way to start.

Trotect is also the most professional-looking free laser cut file we’ve come across, which makes sense considering it’s an actual manufacturer.

Best Curated Files From Trotect

Vectors Art – Categorizes by File Format

  • Range of Projects: Lanterns, LED lights, headlamps, and more
  • Amount of files available: Over 30,000
  • File formats: DXF, CDR, AI, PDF, and EPS
  • Where to find: Vectors Art
Vectors Art

Vectors Art is another site dedicated to offering free laser engraver files for a wide range of different projects. 

Alongside the more simple patterns and designs that are standard at most similar sites, Vectors Art offers a good amount of more practical files for things like lanterns, LED lights, headlamps, and more. So if you’re looking to put a unique and personal touch to your home, this is a great place to look for ideas.

What we also love about Vectors Art is that, unlike many other sites, it sorts all its files by format. So if you want free DXF files for laser cutting, simply click the DXF tab and you can check out what’s on offer.

The other file format categories are CDR, AI, PDF, and EPS, so Vectors Art makes it easier than other sites to search for specific laser engraver files formats.

Best Curated Files From Vectors Art

Vecteezy – Online Compilation of Thousands of Laser Cut Files

  • Range of Projects: Coasters, wall art, ornaments, home décor
  • Amount of files available: Over 9,000
  • File formats: EPS, SVG
  • Where to find: Vecteezy

Vecteezy is an online compilation of millions of resources from licensable stock photos to royalty free vector files. Of course, this includes laser cut files, most of which have been curated from resources like Pinterest to provide a library of thousands of laser cutter files available for download.

Vecteezy is what’s known as a ‘freemium’ service, meaning access to some of the files (called ‘Pro’ files) are locked behind a subscription, but there are still plenty of different files available without subscribing.

Not all of the files you’ll find on Vecteezy are free, but you should still have no problem finding excellent laser cut files without having to pay a penny. Just remember that Vecteezy is more of a gathering of different resources rather than a community-driven site itself. For those of you familiar with 3D printing, it operates similarly to Yeggi.

Best Curated Files From Vecteezy

  • Cat Mandala – A layered decoration that’s creative and whimsical
  • Fox Template – Cute wall art for fox lovers
  • Heart Clock – Beautiful timepiece for creators and engineers


  • Range of Projects: Bird houses, lawn ornaments, doll houses, toys, gift boxes
  • Amount of files available: 80+
  • File formats: DXF, SVG, CDR, PDF, PNG, DWG, and STL
  • Where to find: FreePatternsArea

FreePatternsArea is a completely free resource designed with the idea that no one should have to pay to learn their craft, at least not at the beginning. Home not only to laser cutter files, it’s a great (if a little sparse) resource for anyone who wants some information alongside their files.

On the surface, FreePatternsArea looks a little bare bones, but don’t let the simplicity fool you, it’s host to plenty of quality laser cutter files alongside collections of 3D and 2D designs available for a host of creative projects.

If you’re brand new to laser cutting and engraving, then FreePatternsArea is a great place to start. It lacks the bells and whistles of more professional sites that can be overwhelming. It’s an easy and stress-free place to find some free files so beginners can feel comfortable knowing they have the resources and information they need to make some cool stuff.

Best Curated Files From FreePatternsArena

Maker Union

  • Range of Projects: Wall art, animal cuts, signs, place mats, and themed packs
  • Amount of files available: 270+ packs of 7-10 designs each
  • File formats: DXF and JPG
  • Where to find: Maker Union
Maker Union

Maker Union is a great maker-driven website dedicated to releasing themed packs of completely free DXF files for a wide range of purposes. They include plenty of animal prints, themed silhouettes, and seasonal decorations and ornaments just to name a few.

While 276 might not sound like much, that refers to the amount of packs available at the time of writing, and they add more every week, and only accounts for their DXF files. The variety in these packs means you’re bound to find what you’re looking for for any occasion and free of charge.

Best Curated Files From Maker Union

Epilog Laser

  • Range of Projects: Doormats, wind chimes, metal and leather engraving, gift tags, clothes
  • Amount of files available: 180+
  • File formats: EPS, Illustrator, SVG
  • Where to find: Epliog Laser
Epilog Laser

Unlike many of the other laser file resources we’ll discuss here, Epilog Laser isn’t strictly a file library, but their Sample Club features over 180 free laser cut files for a very wide range of cutting and engraving projects.

These include not only standard wood and metal engraving, but also textiles like doormats, clothes, and even Christmas stockings. Even if you don’t find something exactly to your tastes, the extensive list of projects should help inspire your next project, you may even come across a few options you never even considered.

The Epilog Laser Sample Club offers a fantastic range of projects that include detailed instructions alongside the files as well as detailing any extra equipment you may need for each one. This makes it perfect for beginners who need a little extra help getting started, as it can be used as both a free files resource and an educational site.

Best Curated Files From Epilog Laser

Library Laser

  • Range of Projects: Decorative boxes, bookmarks, wall art, 3D puzzles, home décor
  • Amount of files available: 1500+
  • File formats: DXF and PDF
  • Where to find: Library Laser
Library Laser

Library Laser is one of the biggest resources for free laser cut files available online. It’s massive selection is curated from creators all over the world from lots of different sites, all offered free of charge and ready to cut immediately.

However, despite the site claiming that all their DXF files are free, there are a few that you need to pay for, but they’re all well signposted and rarely more than $2-7 each, so even if you do have to pay for a favorite you find, you shouldn’t have to break the bank.

Just be careful where you click. Library Laser doesn’t allow ad blockers and some of their ads are a little deceitful.

Best Curated Files From Library Laser


  • Range of Projects: Animals, coasters, ornaments, signs, motivational decorations, jewelry
  • Amount of files available: 300+ pack
  • File formats: SVG and DXF
  • Where to find: K40lasercutter

Like Epilog Laser, K40 is a laser cutter and engraver manufacturer that has dedicated part of their website to community-created projects offered for free for anyone to emulate or take inspiration from. With hundreds of file packs split into different categories, it’s a great place to get started on your next project if you find your imagination hitting a wall.

Unfortunately, not all of the laser cutting files are free (despite being under the page ‘Free Files’), but most of them are and the costs for those that aren’t are clearly labelled on the page so you won’t be blindsided by hidden costs.

Best Curated Files From K40lasercutter

  • Earrings – Homemade jewelry for all occasions
  • Sun – Wall art to brighten your home
  • Puzzle Template – Customizable jigsaw with limitless potential

Design Bundles

  • Range of Projects: Keychains, wall art, signs, animal cuts, gift ideas
  • Amount of files available: 1000+
  • File formats: SVG, DXF, JPG, PDF, EPS, PNG
  • Where to find: Design Bundles
Design Bundles

Design Bundles is an online shop that can be described as half way between Pinterest and Etsy. While it is mainly a place to purchase design packs, it also offers plenty of free CNC files for laser cutting and engraving.

The free laser cutting files are surprisingly plentiful given the otherwise paid services and downloads, and there are a lot of creative ideas out there for gifts, home décor, and themed cuts and engraving projects for anyone to enjoy. And you can always sign up to their very cheap services to access even more files if you’re not satisfied with the hundreds upon hundreds on offer.

Best Curated Files From Design Bundles

  • Pile of Cats – Fluffy fun for mugs and t-shirts
  • Canada Day – Celebrating our friends north of the border
  • Horse – Majestic design for all equestrians

Things to Consider

What Can You Do With Laser Cut Files?

Laser cutters open up a whole world of possibilities. There are hundreds of thousands of free files available online for you to use for your projects, including templates for:

  • Decorations
  • Signs
  • Artwork
  • Furniture
  • Household utensils,
  • Animal and nature designs
  • Coasters
  • Trophies

And much, much more. There really is an almost endless amount of exciting projects to try your hand at.

Can You Design Your Own Laser Files?

Skilled graphic designers often create their own laser engraver templates, but if you don’t have that kind of experience, then you’ll need a ready-made template to base your work on. Luckily, there are thousands of files out there covering just about every design and project you can think of, so there really is something for everyone.

What is the Best Laser File Format?

Vector formats such as SVG and DXF are commonly used for laser cutting as they allow for high precision and scalability. However, the best laser file format depends on the specific laser cutting software and machine being used.

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