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  • Expert in CNC machines, CNC routers, and laser cutters with a deep understanding of both the technical and practical aspects.
  • Holds a Mechanical Engineering degree, underscoring a strong foundation in the principles of machining and engineering.
  • Active contributor to various CNC forums and troubleshooting boards, offering guidance and support to the community.


Alan Lewis is renowned for his expertise in CNC machines, CNC routers, and laser cutters. With a background in Mechanical Engineering, Alan combines his technical knowledge with real-world applications, making complex concepts accessible to beginners. He is passionate about guiding newcomers in CNC machining and laser cutting, helping them grasp the fundamentals and successfully undertake various projects. In his writing, Alan focuses on clarity and simplicity. He avoids technical jargon and provides straightforward explanations, ensuring that even those new to the field can easily comprehend and apply the information. His contributions to CNC forums and troubleshooting boards have made him a go-to resource for practical advice and problem-solving tips.


Alan received his degree in Mechanical Engineering, providing him with a robust understanding of the mechanics and intricacies of CNC machinery. This educational background serves as the foundation for his detailed and accurate explanations of CNC processes and techniques.


Alan believes in making knowledge accessible. He strives to demystify the world of CNC machining and laser cutting, empowering beginners to confidently approach their projects. His writing is geared towards breaking down complex topics into manageable, easy-to-understand segments, fostering a learning environment that is both informative and engaging.

Personal Interests

Outside of his professional life, Alan enjoys engaging in hands-on DIY projects, further enhancing his practical experience with CNC machinery and laser cutters. This hobby not only enriches his expertise but also keeps him connected to the beginner's mindset, ensuring his advice remains relevant and relatable.

Future Goals

Looking forward, Alan aims to expand his reach, helping an even broader audience understand and excel in CNC machining and laser cutting. He is dedicated to continuing his contributions to online forums and possibly developing comprehensive guides and tutorials for those entering the field.

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