Top 15+ Maslow CNC Projects – The Coolest Ideas

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To the layperson, CNC cutting may seem like an industrial-grade creation tool not meant for hobbyists.

This couldn’t be further from the truth, and companies like Maslow are working to bring large-scale CNC routing, opening the floor to anyone interested in creating their own Maslow CNC projects of all shapes and sizes.

Maslow CNC router

But what exactly is this machine, and more importantly, what can you make with it? Here we’re going to look at this fantastic piece of tech as well as some of the coolest Maslow CNC projects the community has come up with.

Cool things with Maslow

With a little learning and a dash of your own creative ideas, you’ll find yourself making some awesome Maslow CNC projects of your own in no time!

Coolest Maslow CNC Projects

Maslow’s focus on accessibility and creativity has cultivated a large community of users and creators who openly share their projects, some of which are hard to believe were made with a machine costing just under $1200 – and that’s the most expensive model.

Maslow CNC Machine

The company’s own Community Garden is chock full of amazing Maslow CNC projects from creators all over the world.

Users are encouraged to post instructions so anyone can get out there and create for themselves.

What this means for you is that you can get out there and make some wonderful and truly awesome Maslow CNC projects no matter what your skill level, because everything’s laid out for you.

So no need to feel intimidated, you only need to feel creative!

Collapsible Scout Bridge

Scout Bridge

The crossing of a bridge is a common rite of passage for young scouts across America, symbolizing the overcoming of a set of trials and tasks in further preparation for adulthood and independence.

The role of these bridges is usually filled by already existing structures, but one creative Maslow CNC user came up with this collapsible Cub Scout bridge so these ceremonies can take place anywhere, like somewhere specifically important to the graduates.

This bridge is a very cool project even if you have no need for Cub Scout ceremonies.

If you have a small ridge in your garden or simply want to spice up your outdoor décor with something new and creative, then this is definitely one of the best Maslow CNC projects you’ll want to bookmark.

Adjustable Standing Desk

Syanding Desk Maslow

I can’t begin to tell you how fast I piled on the pounds once I finally started writing professionally. Turns out bartending was keeping me fit (that and the tips were better)!

Because of this, I’ve been considering a standing desk for a while, so I think this is one of the Maslow CNC projects that speaks to me the loudest.

While the benefits of standing desks aren’t quite as extreme as many seem to believe, they have been linked to improved cardiovascular health and even task performance.

While they may seem uncomfortable at first, they can do wonders for you, and standing desk designs should be amongst the first Maslow CNC projects you turn to.

This creative designer used their Maslow to make an adjustable standing desk that’s easy to put together and invaluable to your workspace.

Desk 2

As the measurements stand, it’s about the size of a nightstand, with enough space for a laptop and mouse. But with a little tweaking, you can make a fully-sized standing desk that can hold a PC or house your tools.

Even if you don’t spend a lot of time at a desk, the process of constantly sitting and standing when moving between your PC and CNC router for tweaking and measurements wears on the spine quite quickly.

I for one hate sitting for a moment only to stand up again on repeat. It’s a bad sign when you’re only 30 and already experiencing back problems.

So whether you want to improve your health, focus, or comfort, this adjustable standing desk is one of those beneficial Maslow CNC projects that shouldn’t be overlooked. If you want something a little fancier that also won’t mess up your center of gravity, then why not check out this Maslow working desk instead?

Maslow Desk 3

If you live in a warm climate and like to work outdoors, then you’ll be hard-pressed to find Maslow CNC projects quite as useful as this patio standing desk, which attaches to any railing securely with no need for fasteners!

Tabletop Arcade

Arcade Cabinet CNC

If your head was filled with the sounds of 8-bit fighters, midi music, and beeping machines when you read the word ‘arcade’ just now, then this Maslow project is the nostalgia trip for you.

This two-player tabletop arcade cabinet is your first step to making your own arcade machine in the comfort of your own home for all of the fun with none of the quarters!

CNC Arcade 2

This particular project is designed for a Raspberry Pi arcade project, but with enough creativity and engineering, you can create this cabinet to play any kind of arcade game you like!

If you’re a videogame fan and want a Maslow project that you can work on over a long period of time, then this is a great starting point.


Maslow Cool Dish Rack

We’ve already discussed standing desks, but the potential of your Maslow CNC projects goes far beyond a simple flat surface. It can make fully usable and amazing-looking furniture that you can cut and assemble yourself with ease.

Most of these projects will need to be screwed or glued to stay together and be stable, so be sure to follow any instructions laid out by the designers.

If you’re brand new to working with wood, this simple dishrack is a good project to start with. While naturally, the shelf life of a wooden dish rack means you won’t be able to keep it around for too long, it doesn’t mean it’s not a cool way to spice up your kitchen.

For an equally simple Maslow project, but with a bit more use (at least if you’re me) then you should check out this cool CNC wine rack to show off your vintage vino and wood art at the same time.

Are you a BBQ fan who’s sick of lugging the dining room furniture outside every time you have an outdoor party?

Then why not use your Maslow to make this traditional picnic table?

Picnic Table DIY

The table template offered on the Maslow Community Garden is as simple as it gets and ready for customization since you can add or engrave details you like provided you have something that can engrave wood.

You can tweak the design to make whimsical shapes or engrave your own fun message into the surface, whether you want to engrave your family name or immortalize the funniest apron you’ve got.

Speaking of family, kids need not be left out. This picnic table to go is the perfect kit for the little ones to get in on the fun too.

CNC Folding Chair

If you still need more seats for special occasions but are lacking in room, then you’d do well to check out this flat folding chair. It’s a great, easy to build, and easier to use seat that takes up next to no space.

The genius, compact design means that the chair takes up no more space than a sheet of wood when folded into itself and placed in storage or even just against a wall.

The Community Garden is also home to all kinds of unique and useful shelving Maslow CNC projects. From this rocket ship corner shelf to this all-in-one garage storage, you won’t find a better way to declutter your home in style.

Cool Things Maslow CNC Machine

If you still need more storage space to keep your house tidy, you can also check out other Maslow CNC projects like this mail organizer to help sort out all that paperwork, or this coat hanger to keep your foyer looking clean.

What is a Maslow CNC Machine?

Maslow is home to one of the most friendly and accessible CNC communities around, changing the way we think – or begin to think – about CNC machining as a whole.

Their own Maslow CNC machine is a huge device that welcomes creators of all levels. It’s massive, it’s powerful, user-friendly, and affordable.

Like calling a dictionary a book, referring to the Maslow as a ‘CNC Machine’ is a little reductive, but not inaccurate.

Maslow CNC Machining

The Maslow is a 4×8’ cutting machine used to cut, slice, and engrave flat materials like wood and plastic. The wide frame offers a lot of project options, whether you’re making a homemade sign to hang on your wall, or simply looking to create something you can post online with pride.

CNC routers of this size are often far more expensive, going for thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars each. By comparison, Maslow CNC routers are a bargain by a very wide margin.

Unlike standard CNC machines, this one also works vertically, mounted to a wall. This design reduces the amount of floor space needed to work without sacrificing the kinds of Maslow CNC projects you can indulge in, but it does require you to create your own wall or ceiling mount for the machine to hang safely.

What this means for the consumer is a machine capable of making just about any kind of project, from decorations and picture frames to furniture and even boats!

Is the Maslow CNC worth it?

The Maslow CNC machine is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to make large-scale CNC designs without spending too much money or using up too much floor space. Essentially, it’s well worth its relatively low price if you have big ideas but little room to work with.
The vertical cutting isn’t perfect, however, and you will need to mount it yourself. Though for a machine of this size and price, it’s one of the better big CNC machines on the market, and there are plenty of Maslow CNC projects you can accomplish with it.

What software does Maslow CNC use?

The recommended software for use with Maslow is Easel, a designing and routing tool that’s compatible with most common home CNC routers.

For files, the Maslow uses G code, which means you’ll need to convert Autocad DFX or Adobe Illustrator SVG files to use them for your Maslow CNC projects.

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