Using CNC Machining For Your Pets


It’s every pet owner’s wish to make life as easy and comfortable as possible for their little companions, furry or not.

And what better way to do that than by using your CNC machine to make some cool and unique things for your pets to enjoy?

Depending on the pet (or pets) you have, there are a lot of ways to use CNC machining to improve their lives in fun and practical ways. Here I’ll show you some of my favorite CNC projects for all kinds of pets, great and small.

CNC Pet Beds

Every pet loves to nap, and the lucky little things get to do it whenever they want! If you’ve got a dog or cat, then you’ll know just how much they like to curl up and rest after an exhausting fit of the zoomies.

CNC for Pets Cat Bed

Making a pet bed with your CNC router is a great way to give your friend a place where they can lay their weary heads.

The simple shapes make them easy to make, so you only really need to worry about cutting the correct size to give your pet enough room. But there are some cool designs out there that are worth checking out.

This simple dog bed suits any kind of pet and is ideal for smaller animals like terriers and even ferrets that can’t manage elevated steps too well, and even includes the plans for a bone-shaped nameplate.

CNC Pet Dog Bed

If you have trouble making up your mind or think your pet bed can be a little more special, then you can take your pick from these CNC pet bed designs to suit whichever critter you have.

Dog Beds CNC

If you have ferrets, you’ll know that they prefer to sleep in narrow spaces.

As burrowing creatures by nature, they generally don’t find good rest with too much light or space around them. So even though any kind of pet can use it, I recommend this CNC pet home and bed for your cuddly little buddies.

Pet Home Plans

If you’re a cat person, then you’ve probably noticed that they like to snuggle up in corners.

So this cozy enclosed bed is perfect to give your feline a more restful place to sleep. Though let’s be honest, they’ll just find the nearest cardboard box anyway.

Pet Bed CNC Files

If you’ve also got houseplants (and are lucky enough to trust your cat around them) then you should check out this plant pot holder with a cat bed underneath!

CNC Pet Feeders and Food Stands

Every pet needs to eat, some more often than others. And it can be difficult to figure out if you’ve got the right tool for the job.

Dogs, particularly lean ones, develop slower than most other animals. The growth plates in their bones won’t begin to properly fuse until they hit puberty, which normally happens at around 5 months old.

Until they’ve fully matured, it is hazardous to their health and growth to make them hunch over to eat.

It may be tempting to leave their food bowl on the floor and be done with it, but it could be doing long-lasting damage than will cause severe problems further down the line.

Feeder/Feedng Station

Fortunately, there’s a simple answer, raised feeding stations!

Letting your dog stand more upright while eating is an easy fix with these detailed plans for a raised feeding station.

The holes in the station also mean the bowls won’t move around while your pal chows down, so there’s less cleanup!

Story time! When I was in college, I had a magpie that would stop by my bedroom window every day.

What started as a pleasant visit soon became more frequent, and I began to think of little Mitch as my pet. I had to hide my jewelry, of course, but that’s the price we pay.

CNC Bird House

Had I had access to a CNC router at the time, I’d have happily made this amazingly cute CNC bird feeder instead of buying him one.

It certainly would have made my daily visits from my corvine companion a little more special.

CNC and laser cut bird feeders like this one is a great way to take care of your feathery friends, domesticated or not.

CNC Pet Homes

We’ve covered pet beds already, but pet homes are bigger projects that provide more than just a place to rest.

Of course, your home is their home too, but everyone, be they person or pet, needs a space to call their own.

This isn’t just because of how adorable it is. Pets can get stressed or overwhelmed too, so it’s always a good idea to give them a space they can retreat to and feel safe and comfortable whenever they need to.

CNC Pet Home

My personal favorite is this CNC pet home that can house any free-roaming friend you’ve got around the house, and even has a little area for food bowls and a shelf for whatever you like!

But be warned, you may need to bust out Google Translate if you can’t read Spanish.

While many of these designs will work for cats too, I simply couldn’t leave out this parametric design cat bed that looks amazing and will give any cat a place to curl up and nap.

Pet Carrier

Let’s not discount an often-overlooked pet, though. Iguanas are possibly the most common pet lizards in America. I prefer geckos, but that’s just me.

Iguanas need a lot more space to thrive than their relatively smaller size would suggest.

As rainforest-dwellers, they’re biologically programmed to be comfortable in wider, more open spaces where they’re free to roam. Strictly speaking, the standard aquarium tanks and store-bought enclosures are simply not big enough.

CNC Iguana Habitat

Constructing an iguana habitat is as simple as making a huge box with your CNC machine that can fit glass on three sides and a faux background on the remaining wall to give your lizard a sense of space and freedom.

You’d be amazed at how much of a difference taking such space into account can help an iguana’s mood.

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