A 3040 CNC router has a 300 x 400 mm, or 30 x 40 cm, working area. However, while the X and Y axes are equal for all 3040 CNC routers, the Z-axis travel varies between different machines.

This a popular size: they’re bigger than 3018 CNCs and able to cut and carve decent-sized projects and medium-sized signs, yet much cheaper than larger 2×4 or 4×4 CNCs.

But, with so many 3040 and 4030 CNC options, with different levels of power, speed, customizability, and price, it can be difficult to pick which best suits your needs.

In this article, I’ll review the best 3040 CNC router machines, comparing all the key specs against each other relative to what you should expect for the price, and more.

Top Picks

Quick Overview

  1. Vevor 3040: Best Budget 3040 CNC Router 
  2. Genmitsu PROver XL 4030: Best 3040 CNC Router for Beginners 
  3. JFT 3040: Increased Power for Metal CNC
  4. Ten-High 3040: Best 3040 CNC Router for Small Businesses
  5. Y&H 3040: Most Powerful 3040 CNC Mill with 5 Axes

Best 3040 CNC Routers

1. Vevor 3040 – Best Budget 3040 CNC Router 

Vevor 3040


One of the most affordable 3040 CNC routers

Comes with a fourth rotary axis (unlike most)

High-quality ballscrew mechanism

Decent spindle power and speed for the price

Control board and offline controller included


Not as powerful as other 3040 machines

The Vevor 3040 CNC router kit is a great affordable 3040 CNC router that doesn’t break the bank.

One of the benefits of this machine is that, unlike some, it comes equipped with a fourth rotary axis. This lets you work on circular and cylindrical objects, widening the scope of potential projects you can work on.

The Vevor 3040 uses three stepper motors and high-quality ballscrews and nuts on the X and Y axis, which are preferred over belt systems due to their higher accuracy in short travel. The high-strength aluminum alloy frame with chrome shafts makes for impressive rigidity, keeping the router precise.

This router is suitable for engraving a variety of materials, including plastics, acrylics, wood, and soft aluminum, although it isn’t suitable for ferrous metals like stainless steel (we cover some machines that are further down).

It has a 300W DC spindle that can engrave at speeds of up to 12,000r/min. This isn’t bad, but it doesn’t offer the same level of power or speed that more expensive 3040 CNC routers do, as we show in our reviews below.

The cutting height on the Z axis is 55mm. Again, this is fairly limited compared to other 3040 CNCs, which is one of the reasons the Vevor is cheaper than most. This also limits the use of that 4th rotary axis.

This 3040 4-axis CNC router has a control board, and also comes with a Mach3 controller and software package. Mach3 is generally regarded as more advanced than GRBL, which some other 3040 CNCs come with.

For example, GRBL can’t run the rotary axis. However, Mach3 is also less beginner-friendly and has a steeper learning curve, so bear this in mind if you’re new.

Best Cheap CNC Drilling Machine
VEVOR 3040 CNC Machine 3 Axis Router
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2. Genmitsu PROver XL 4030 – Best 3040 CNC Router for Beginners 

Genmitsu PROver XL 4030


Very easy to assemble and use 

Optical Z-axis drive for improved stability 

Generous working height

Highly customizable with expansion kit available 

Intuitive GRBL control box


Uses leadscrews instead of ballscrews

Although technically a 4030 CNC router, Genmitsu PROver XL 4030 is, for all intents and purposes, the same as a 3040 CNC router – just with 400mm length and 300mm width. However, you still have the same amount of working area. 

It’s even better for processing larger materials in multiple settings, such as CNC cutting larger signs. Because you can handle 40cm × ∞ with this machine, while you can manage 30cm × ∞ with 3040 CNCs.

Genmitsus are some of the most popular CNC routers among hobbyists and beginners, and it’s easy to see why. The 4030 comes with preassembled modules and wiring, which makes it much easier to set up than many other routers, such as the Vevor I discussed above, which needs to be assembled from scratch.

It’s very sturdy, thanks to the rigid C-beam structure with leadscrew driven X and Y axis and an optical Z-axis drive, which provides more stability than traditional v-slot drives. However, remember it uses leadscrews rather than ballscrews, which can result in more friction in axis movement if you’re not careful. 

The Genmitsu has a working area height of 110mm – more than double that of the Vevor 3040. This means you can work on taller workpieces, which provides more flexibility. For example, you can cut 2-inch-thick wood and MDF sheets that are used in countertops, or 2-inch-thick hardened PVC for sign-making.

The CNC spindle boasts the same 300W power and 12,000 RPM speeds as the Vevor 3040, with a max cutting speed of 2,000mm/min and an accuracy of 0.02-0.1mm.

Another thing that sets the PROver XL 4030 apart from other 3040 routers, such as the cheaper Vevor, is that Genmitsu offers an extension kit for it. So if you find yourself wanting a larger working area later down the line, you can simply upgrade your Genmitsu to a 24” x 24” or 40” x 40” CNC, rather than having to shell out on a whole new machine. 

There are also various other upgrades and accessories available, including an offline control module, a 4x T-slot work surface for improved stiffness and more mounting options, and even a laser engraver module. Overall, this is one of the most customizable 3040 CNCs on the market.

This router is GRBL controlled, rather than using Mach3. This aligns with the beginner-friendly design, plus GRBL works well with 3-axis CNCs like PROver.

While it’s not the cheapest, we think the PROver XL’s intuitive construction, user-friendliness, and upgradeability make it the best 3040 CNC router for beginners. You can read our Genmitsu 4030 PROver XL review for a more in-depth look at this machine.

Genmitsu CNC Router Machine PROVerXL 4030
$999.00 $949.00
Amazon here Sainsmart here
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3. JFT 3040 – Increased Power for Metal CNC

JFT 3040


Powerful 1.5kW spindle

Engrave up to 4,000s/min

Precise cutting and milling

Effective metal cutter 

Can add a fourth axis

Automatic tool detection


Not many other user reviews online 

The JFT 3040 is different from the two we’ve reviewed above, as it’s better suited for metals.

This is due to the significantly more powerful 1.5kW spindle with a seriously impressive 24000RPM maximum speed. This equates to a maximum cutting speed of up to 4,000s/min, with an impressive repeat position accuracy of 0.03mm, so you can engrave at much faster speeds than with the Vevor or Genmitsu 4030 PROverXL. 

Thanks to this increased power and speed, the JFT 3040 CNC router can work on a wider variety of hard materials than the Vevor or Sainsmart Genmitsu. It’s very effective at cutting copper, aluminum, and other soft metals, but is also capable of working on steel and iron at slower rates, unlike the cheaper machines we’re reviewed.

It uses 3.5A high current stepper motors and a ballscrew mechanism which results in high speed and stable motion, while its sound construction ensures great rigidity. You can also add a fourth axis for more cutting options. On top of that, it offers decent 90 mm Z-axis travel.

Another aspect we like is that the Z axis boasts automatic tool detection technology, which helps reduce potential human error. It comes with a Mach 3-based CNC controller, which makes sense as Mach3 is better suited for running the 4th axis.

JFT 3040 3 Axis

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4. Ten-High 3040 – Best 3040 CNC Router for Small Businesses

Ten-High 3040


Fast and powerful spindle

Suitable for cutting, carving, milling, and engraving

Ballscrew mechanism for smooth axis movement

Incredibly stable frame 

Available with rotary axis and sink



The Ten-High 3040 is one of the most powerful 3040 CNC routers on the market. Like the JFT model, this machine can be used for some metal work as well as routing work, so it’s a lot more versatile than cheaper options.

It also packs a seriously powerful 800W spindle capable of 24,000 RPM – double the max speed of the Vevor 3040 and Genmitsu 4030 spindles.

The ballscrew mechanism on the axis provides incredibly smooth motion, which, combined with the all-metal frame’s stability, results in a seriously impressive precision of 0.03mm-0.01mm. With the right CNC settings, you’ll achieve better precision than with the JFT 3040.

This machine uses a highly efficient water cooling system in the shafts that improves machining accuracy and allows you to carry out continuous demanding work without performance loss. This makes it better suited for cutting and milling metals for long sessions than cheaper CNC routers.

For an extra $100 or so, you can get the Ten-High 3040 with a fourth rotary axis for 3D engraving, which is probably worth it for most people, given the fairly low cost. There’s also the option to add a 304 stainless steel heat sink to protect the tool when working with hard materials. This further improves the Ten-High’s durability and efficiency, and is a useful upgrade that isn’t available for some other 3040 CNCs.

Best CNC Drill Machine for Small Businesses
Ten-High 3040 CNC Drilling Machine with 4th Axis & Sink Device
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5. Y&H 3040 – Most Powerful 3040 CNC Mill with 5 Axes

Y&H 3040


Very powerful 2.2kW spindle 

Capable of intensive metal milling

5 axes = capable of manufacturing complex shapes

Large Z axis travel

Incredibly sturdy and durable

Efficient water cooling

Extremely precise 


Expensive and not suitable for beginners

More complex to operate

The most expensive but most powerful and versatile machine on our list is the Y&H 3040 CNC router and milling machine. This is the only CNC mill on the list with extensive metalworking capabilities.

Several aspects of this machine stand out. For starters, it uses a 2.2kW spindle which provides even more power and speed than the JFT and Ten-High 3040 machines, making it more suitable for milling steel and other ferrous metals.

The spindle is water-cooled for maximum efficiency, and the overall construction, with an aluminum frame and stainless steel backsplash, is seriously impressive. It provides the top-quality durability and stability that’d you expect in this price range.

What really makes the Y&H unique, though, is that this is a 5-axis CNC machine. While a 4-axis CNC allows you to carve 3D objects with one rotary axis, a 5-axis CNC adds an extra rotational axis.

The ability to move in 5 different directions provides significantly more flexibility, improving efficiency and accuracy. You to work on complex shapes, including more industrial uses like automotive parts. You can also engrave slanted surfaces with it. Or, make complex 3D art and decor objects, like sculptures, with this 3040 CNC. It’s also one of the cheapest 5-axis machines for practicing advanced industrial machining.

It’s extremely precise, with a processing accuracy of 0.02mm. The 150 mm Z-axis travel is also the largest of all the 3040 CNC router reviews in this article.

Y&H 5 Axis 2200W Water Cooling Spindle
Amazon here
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What to Consider When Buying a 3040 CNC Router

Things to consider


3040 CNC router machine prices vary greatly, with some costing more than 3x others. Factors like power, build quality, axis motion mechanism, and cooling system determine a router’s price, so it’s essential to understand what you need beforehand to avoid over or underspending.

For example, if you’re a beginner or casual hobbyist who doesn’t need incredibly fast speed, loads of power, and wants to work on softer materials rather than hard metals, you’ll likely find better value in more affordable models like the Vevor and Genmitsu machines.

If you are looking for those attributes, though, you want to consider more expensive models like the JFT, Ten-High, and Y&H 3040s, particularly if you want a CNC router for a small shop or business.

CNC RouterPrice
Vevor 3040$688.99
Genmitsu PROver XL 4030$999.99
JFT 3040$2,175
Ten-High 3040$2,692.50
Y&H 3040Unavailable

Power & Speed 

A router’s power determines how fast it can cut, what materials it can work with, and what depths it can cut in a single pass. When comparing power and speed, you want to look for the spindle’s wattage (most manufacturers display this rather than horsepower), and its RPM. 

For example, the JFT 3040 CNC router uses a 1.5kW spindle, which is five times the power of the 300W spindles used in the Vevor 3040 and Genmitsu 4030. This means the Ten-High model has a horsepower of 2, versus the 0.4 HP with the Vevor and Sainsmart Genmitsu options.

The Ten-High spindle also boasts a maximum speed of 24,000RPM, double the 12,000RPM you get with the Vevor or Genmitsu. This equates to significantly faster cutting and engraving speeds. The Y&H offers even more power and speed with its 2.2kW spindle. 

CNC RouterSpindle SpeedSpindle Power
Vevor 304012,000 RPM300W
Genmitsu PROver XL 403012,000 RPM300W
JFT 304024,000 RPM1500W
Ten-High 304024,000 RPM800W
Y&H 3040Not listed2200W

Control software

3040 CNC routers have different control systems. More affordable CNC routers like the Vevor and Genmitsu ones typically use CNC controllers based on Arduino boards with GRBL firmware, while more commercial solutions like the Ten-High and Y&H routers run off Mach3 controllers. 

Both are powerful software, although Mach3 is widely seen as more advanced and with a steep learning curve, while GRBL is more hobbyist-friendly. Make sure you do some research into both control systems to work out which is best for you.

CNC RouterControl Software
Vevor 3040GRBL
Genmitsu PROver XL 4030GRBL
Ten-High 3040MACH3
Y&H 3040MACH3

Z axis travel

While all 3040 CNC routers have the same dimensions on the X and Y axes, the Z-axis travel differs. In fact, some machines have three times as much Z-axis travel as others, as is the case Y&H and the Vevor machines. The more Z-axis travel you have, the taller the material you can cut.


Another point to consider is how easy it is to customize and upgrade your CNC 3040 router. Some upgrades are fairly common, such as adding a fourth rotary axis, but some machines are more customizable than others.

For example, the Genmitsu 3040 PROver XL particularly stands out for its upgradability. It offers two extension kits for significantly upgrading your working area if 300 x 400 mm isn’t enough for a particular project, and you can even add a laser module to give you a multipurpose cutting, carving, and engraving machine. 

Getting a highly customizable machine like this can be efficient long-term by removing the need to purchase separate machines for different purposes later down the line, so it’s certainly worth bearing in mind.

Other size options

30 x 40 mm CNCs are a particular size, but just in case you haven’t considered others, there are a variety of options available.

Slightly smaller are 3018 CNC routers, with instead a 180mm rather than 400mm axis. Larger than that, and you get to 2×2, 2×4 CNCs, and then much larger 4×4 CNC kits, and even 4×8 foot CNCs.


What is the difference between 3018 and 3040 CNC?

A 3018 CNC has a 300 x 180 mm working area, while a 3040 CNC has a 300 x 400mm working area. They have the same 300 mm X axis size, but 3040 CNCs have more than twice the Y axis length, at 400mm vs 180m on 3018 CNCs.

How much does a 3040 CNC Router cost?

3040 CNC routers can vary in price, and generally start at around $700 for an entry-level model such as the Vevor 3040, up to over $3,000 if you want a 5-axis 3040 CNC for more versatile and powerful cutting.

What are some recommended accessories for a 3040 CNC router?

One of the most popular accessories for a 3040 CNC router is a fourth rotary axis, which allows you to work on 3D shapes. Some people also add laser modules to their routers for precise engraving and etching.

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