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Head of Content at CNCSourced


  • Head of Content at CNCSourced, specializing in CNC machining, laser cutting, CAD-CAM software, and general CNC design.
  • Master of Science in Control Engineering from Caltech, demonstrating a deep understanding of technical and engineering principles.
  • Self-taught CNC machine builder and experienced engineer, bringing a practical, hands-on perspective to his writing.
  • Most viewed CNC profile on Quora in 2023.


Leo Watts is a distinguished technical writer and Head of Content at CNCSourced, where he delves into the complexities of CNC machining, laser cutting, CAD-CAM software, and CNC design. His background as a Control Engineer, combined with practical experience in building his own DIY CNC machine and years as a professional engineer, provides him with a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and real-world insights. Leo’s writing style is tailored to make advanced topics in CNC technology accessible and comprehensible to beginners. His ability to distill complex subjects into easily understandable content has made his articles highly valued by both novice and experienced readers in the field. He has also contributed his expertise to renowned platforms like ZDNet and has been quoted by various outlets including Mic.com, IdealHome, Reader's Digest, Food and Wine, and more.


Leo earned his MSc in Control Engineering from Caltech, equipping him with a robust technical foundation. This educational background underpins his thorough understanding of the intricacies in CNC technology and design principles.


Leo's philosophy revolves around demystifying advanced CNC concepts for a broader audience. He believes in bridging the gap between complex technology and user-friendly explanations, ensuring that even beginners can grasp and apply advanced CNC knowledge in their projects.

Personal Interests

In his personal time, Leo continues to engage in hands-on projects, including further developing his DIY CNC machine. This hobby not only deepens his understanding of CNC technology but also keeps him closely connected to the challenges and joys experienced by his readers.

Future Goals

Leo aims to continue expanding his influence in the field of CNC technology, making advanced concepts more accessible and understandable. He is dedicated to exploring new advancements in CNC and CAD-CAM software, further enhancing the quality and depth of his content.

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