Write For Us

At CNCSourced we prioritize publishing high-quality content over everything, and to achieve that goal we sometimes post valuable insights and other interesting content from third-party writers. We’re open to certain submitted content as long as it meets our standards and rules listed below.

There are two ways for your content to feature on our site: either as a one-off guest post on a particularly interesting topic, or you may be interested in joining our team as a feature writer.

Guest Posts

We do accept guest posts that meet our criteria:

The post must be about a topic that we haven’t already covered on our site.

The content cannot have already been posted elsewhere, or be a slightly modified version of your existing content, for example, a slight edit of a company blog post designed to post on our site. Fresh insights are a must.

Must cover a topic relevant to what we typically cover: CNC routers and machines, laser cutters and engravers, software and everything CAD/CAM, and other kinds of making.

Use a format suited to the topic. For example, some topics may suit an in-depth feature story and industry analysis, whereas others may work well as a listicle.

We write with the aim of coming across as a friendly, personable expert. We never skimp on the details when important, but also keep the pace fast and engaging, and positive.

Generally, pieces should be at least 1,000 words. However, the content quality and maintaining momentum throughout a piece is key — 500 electrifying words are far better than 1,500 words of fluff.

Must be properly format for publishing: correct H2/H3 titles, short-ish paragraphs, small file size yet attractive images, etc.

To pitch a guest post, contact us.

Join The Team

If you’re a CNC expert and as passionate as we are — and enjoy writing about the innovations that will shape our futures (and being paid to write about them!) — then feel free to get in touch.

We are always open to adding to our team of passionate and talented writers that can meet the high standards we set ourselves for content publishing. Factors that will make you stand out include:

Previous work in a topic area we cover, such as CNC machining, laser cutting and engraving, vinyl cutting, software, 3D printing or modeling, and other related fields.

Excellent writing skills: able to clearly and concisely explain technical concepts, and conjure up strong visual images in the minds of our readers.

Previous experience writing the types of articles we publish: in-depth feature stories, listicles, guides, and buyer’s guides.

Digital marketing and SEO experience, and experience with affiliate marketing.

We come together as a team to plan the content we will cover, and payments are paid at a set rate per word, with bonuses for well-performing content and opportunities to advance. For more information, get in contact.