The Best xTool D1 Pro Upgrades & Accessories to Consider


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Best xTool Upgrades and Accessories To Consider

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Owning and using a laser cutter from xTool is a great way to boost your productivity in your hobbyist project or side-hustle. You can custom-make parts faster than ever — but, simply having a D1, D1 Pro, or M1 xTool laser cutter is just the start. 

In this guide, you’ll learn about the best upgrades and accessories to consider for your laser cutter. You’ll learn what each accessory is, how it works, what xTool machines it works on, and how it benefits you.

Infrared Laser Module

Infrared Laser Module

What can an infrared laser module do for you? It lets you engrave metal, leather, plastic, and wood with fine details. This allows you to engrave intricate designs for aesthetic purposes — a great option for gifts. It’s all thanks to the narrower beam and higher energy that goes into an infrared laser.

Most of all, this is perfect for engraving metal jewelry, and can mark or etch on anodized aluminum, steel, and related metals.

An infrared laser module uses higher-energy wavelengths for more powerful cutting. A stock xTool laser cutter will use visible light, but this aftermarket module replaces the stock option. This infrared laser features a smaller laser, for a higher intensity and usability on a wider range of materials.

The D1 and D1 Pro laser cutters and engravers come with impressive stock cutters, but they might not have the precision you’re looking for. Moving outside of the visible spectrum and opting for this infrared option means that you can do even more.

An alternative to upgrading your cutting power is to move to a more powerful head. If you have a 10W xTool, you can buy a 20W laser head for more power. This won’t give you the same resolution and ability to engrave fine detail like an infrared laser does, though.

One of the more popular uses for this accessory is to engrave custom jewelry or leather items.

xTool D1 Pro 20W Laser Module
$899.99 $699.99

For xTool D1 Pro 5W/10W Laser Engraver Cutter, 120W Higher Accuracy Laser Engraving Machine for Engraving 340+ Colors On Metal Steel, Better for Cutting

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03/31/2023 04:45 am GMT

Honeycomb Working Panel Set

Honeycomb Working Panel Set

There are two common issues with using a stock laser cutter: it can damage your workstation, and smoke can be tough to manage.

With a honeycomb working panel set, both of these issues will be mitigated on your xTool laser cutter. How does it work? This set is a two-part assembly.

The top face is a honeycomb mesh piece of iron, and the bottom piece is an aluminum backing sheet that sits on top of your workstation. You would position your stock metal, wood, or plastic on top of the mesh sheet. Then, your laser does all the cutting and engraving like normal.

Since your part is raised on this sheet, there will be superior airflow which reduces a lot of yellowing and smoke that you might otherwise notice. It also saves your workstation, ensuring the laser doesn’t cut through to your table.

Your stock xTool machine won’t have any protective platform like this. Other honeycomb panels on the market aren’t as durable and can lead to premature rusting. That’s because xTool’s competitors typically opt for lower-quality metals which will hurt your overall performance.

This set is perfect for anyone who uses an xTool cutter at home. It will keep your surface clean and clear, and it will help deal with some of the excess smoke.

xTool Honeycomb Working Panel Set for D1 Pro & D1

The xTool Honeycomb Working Panel is compatible with xTool D1, D1 Pro and most laser engravers. This product is for fast heat dissipation and for protecting the desktop. Dimensions:19.68 x19.68 x 0.87inch

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Air Assist Set

Air Assist Set

Your part’s final quality will depend on the model you used, the laser, and the airflow across the part. To tackle one of those variables, xTool sells an optional air assist set. The sole function of this part is to keep air flowing across your part.

Optimum airflow will minimize yellowing on your parts, reduce chars, allow for deeper cuts, speed up the cutting time, and extend the lifetime of your laser lens. Yes, seriously — all of these factors tie directly to how much air travels across your part while your laser cutter runs.

Without the right airflow, things will get too hot. As your tool keeps cutting, the added heat can’t be dissipated. It builds up and starts hurting the performance of your laser cutter.

You can achieve that added airflow through a DIY solution, or you can buy the air assist set from xTool. The DIY route involves buying an air assist kit on Amazon and connecting it to your air compressor. This xTool kit comes ready out of the box, and installation takes a few minutes.

xTool’s air assist set can benefit anyone who uses a D1, D1 Pro, or M1 xTool laser cutter. The benefits are universal, regardless of your individual application.

xTool Air Assist Set

Partner for xTool D1 and D1 Pro laser engraver to help achieve cleaner and smoother cutting finish. Air Assist for laser cutter, laser engraver for wood and metal, 30 L/min air output for laser air assist.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
Cloudray Ultimate Air Assist Set

Engraving Tool For CO2 Laser Cutter Laser Engraving Machine

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03/31/2023 07:55 am GMT

xTool Enclosure

xTool Enclosure

You might install an enclosure on your laser cutter to control temperature, avoid outside particles getting in the way of your cut, and keep smoke away from you while the cutter runs.

This enclosure offered by xTool is designed to fit your D1 or D1 Pro laser cutter perfectly. It has a polarized viewing window so you can check the status of your cuts without damaging your eyes.

All of the sidewalls are built with a polyurethane (PU) cross-grain outer layer, honeycomb board interior, and internal flame-resistant polyester fabric. This prevents fires and keeps your cutting area insulated and covered.

The outside wall has Velcro loops for storing commonly used laser cutting tools like screwdrivers, Allen keys, scribers, and scissors. 

Most importantly, the enclosure has a built-in exhaust system. There are mesh strips along the base that allow air to come in, and a fan with a flexible exhaust tube that will get rid of smoke and keep it away from your work area.

Without an exhaust system, you’ll be breathing in the dangerous fumes created while running your xTool laser cutter.

The xTool Enclosure is portable and fully foldable, so you can take it with you on the move. This enclosure has portability and dimensional accuracy that competitors can’t offer. It will fit your D1 and D1 Pro perfectly, and keep your area smoke-free so you can continue cutting without the added safety risks of smoke inhalation.  

This kit can benefit anyone who uses an xTool laser cutter — especially if you use it in an enclosed space (like in your basement, shed, or small woodshop). 

xTool Enclosure for Laser Engraver

This product is flame retardant and smoke-proof. Compatible with xTool D1/D1 Pro and other laser cutters. It is a foldable laser engraving machine accessories that effectively isolates 99% of smoke and odor.

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Extension Kit

Extension Kit

A common complaint we hear about laser cutters is that they simply aren’t big enough. The 2-axis gantry will decide what size parts you can work on. If you want to engrave or cut a big sign and you have a small laser cutter, your project can’t even start.

This is where the extension kit from xTool comes in handy. They understand that users want to work on bigger pieces, so they sell this extension kit to allow you to do so. 

The kit itself is a set of rails that install directly in your machine. It increases the possible travel in the X direction, allowing you to work on longer pieces. It has complete commonality with your stock D1 and D1 Pro — in simpler terms, you don’t need to buy a dozen conversion kits to keep your machine running, just this one extension kit.

Their D1 and D1 Pro extension kit will take your cuttable area from 406 x 432 mm up to 936 x 432mm — an increase of 230%. 

Since this kit is well-made, you’ll have the same durability and accuracy that you’re used to on your stock D1 or D1 Pro laser cutter. 

It’s a great choice for anyone who wants to engrave or cut longer pieces without buying a second machine. It can still work on smaller pieces with the same precision as the stock machine, so there’s no downside to installing this extension kit.

xTool D1 Pro Extension Kit

Accessories for the xTool D1 and D1 Pro 5W/10W/20W Laser Engraver. It expands the laser engraving area to 36.85 x 17 inches for longer laser engraving and cutting. Made from superior quality aluminum alloy.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

RA2 Rotary Pro

RA2 Rotary Pro

Laser cutters work really well on flat pieces, but what are you supposed to do if you want to engrave a round object? You can buy and install an RA2 Rotary Pro.

The RA2 Rotary Pro can be set up as a sphere, chuck, ring, or roller rotary. It allows more flexibility with your xTool, allowing you to run it like a CNC lathe.

It fits easily within any D1 or D1 Pro xTool, with no additional tooling required. You can use LaserGRBL or LightBurn which are free laser engraving software that interfaces with the RA2 and lets you engrave rounded objects.

With this 4-in-1 tool, you can work on cylindrical and spherical products. You can create custom etching on mugs, create unique ornaments, and personalize metal rings.

If you make customized items, this is a nice addition to your tool.

xTool RA2 Pro

4-in-1 Laser rotary for xTool D1, D1 Pro and most laser engravers. Rotaries: Jaw Chuck Rotary and Y-axis Rotary Roller engraving module for engraving cylindrical objects such as wine glass, tumblers, & ring.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Smoke Purifier

Smoke Purifier

The xTool Smoke Purifier is a stand-alone unit that’s very modular. You can run it with any laser cutter they offer. It features an inlet hose and a series of filters before sending air into the atmosphere.

Internally, there is a series of three filters that progressively get smaller. By the end, small particles and harmful gasses are filtered out.

This smoke purifier would connect directly to your xTool laser via the exhaust port. It results in clean, breathable air. With this purifier, you don’t need to struggle with managing the smoke that comes from your laser cutter.

Without a purifier like this, you’ll be breathing toxic smoke as long as your laser cutter is running.

It’s perfect for use in smaller spaces, especially when windows aren’t available. 

xTool Smoke Purifier

Compatible with xTool M1, D1, D1 Pro, Laserbox Rotary, & Laserbox Pro. It has 3-Stage filtration with 99.97% purification rate. Size: 16.5 x 9.8 x 16.1 inch (42 x 25 x 41cm)

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

What to Do Next

Now that you know some of the best upgrades and accessories for your xTool laser cutter, you’re ready to tackle more projects. These accessories add versatility to your laser cutter, make the air cleaner to breathe, and allow you to work on bigger pieces of wood, plastic, metal, or leather.

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